the BYOTROL24™ difference

+ disinfects germs
+ sanitizes for 24-hours
+ worry-free cleaning

Many surface cleaners eliminate “99.9% of germs.” But did you know that in just a few minutes, a cleaned surface can be covered in germs again?

Introducing new Byotrol24, a revolutionary cleaner that not only kills OVER 99.9% of germs, but also keeps your surfaces sanitized… ALL DAY!

Byotrol24 is a non-harsh disinfectant & surface sanitizer with no need for gloves and no fumes. This long-lasting safeguard has a patented molecular structure that binds an antibacterial active to the surface that is scientifically proven to keep working for 24 hours.

It’s effective on hard surfaces, but is especially useful for things that are touched a lot, like doorknobs, handrails, toilet handles, kids’ toys, and counters.

smart science for a cleaner world.™

the proof is in the Petri dish

Bacteria can reproduce rapidly.  In fact, just one bacterium can grow to over 1 billion bacteria in just 10 hours!  

In an experiment using a scientific testing protocol, the Petri dish shown here was sprayed with BYOTROL24™ then exposed to bacteria.  BYOTROL24™ eliminated the bacteria and this Petri dish showed no signs of bacteria growth for 24 hours!

no bacteria growth ALL DAY!