the BYOTROL24™ difference

Germs on surfaces can survive for hours or even days.  Standard disinfectant cleaners may kill germs “on contact” but stop working shortly after, leaving surfaces to quickly become re-contaminated with new potentially harmful germs. Also, many cleaning products today are harsh on surfaces and can be toxic to humans and pets.

BYOTROL24™ is different.  To ensure this new disinfectant cleaner would be safe to use around families and pets, Byotrol’s scientists developed a formula that leaves no harsh chemical residue, is non-corrosive on surfaces, and produces no harmful fumes.  In fact, the EPA rated BYOTROL24™ as “practically non-toxic” and placed it into the same low-risk category as household disinfectant cleaners labeled as ‘natural.’

Through a clever, patented combination of germ-fighting agents (called “biocides”) and polymer which binds the molecules together, over 99.9% of germs are eliminated with the first application, and what’s more, the polymer retains enough of the biocide to continue fighting germs, even when the surface is rubbed or touched over 24 hours.  This prevents the germs from coming back. 

BYOTROL24™ is optimized to be effective against germs for everyday use.  And by using enough germ-fighting agents – but not too much – it minimizes the risk of germs building resistance.

cleaner & safer lives for everyone.™

the proof is in the petri dish

BYOTROL24™ is specially formulated to keep surfaces germ-free for 24 hours. In an experiment using an EPA-approved testing protocol, Lysol® was compared to BYOTROL24™. After just two hours, the surface treated with Lysol® was heavily contaminated. After 24 hours, BYOTROL24™ remained germ-free.

All Purpose Cleaner

Germ growth after only 2 hours.

Germ growth after 24 hours.

how is BYOTROL24™ different from other household cleaners?

BYOTROL24™ is the longest-lasting germ-fighting cleaner that not only kills a wide variety of germs (including Norovirus), but also keeps surfaces sanitized ALL DAY with just one application.  BYOTROL24™ is rated “practically nontoxic” by the EPA – the same safety rating as “natural” disinfectant cleaners. 

The chart below shows a side-by-side comparison for BYOTROL24™ versus Clorox®, Lysol®, and Method® using public information provided on product labels, details filed with the Environmental Protection Agency, and assessments from our Byotrol® scientists.  (Byotrol® is not affiliated with Clorox®, Lysol® or Method® in any way.)